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You run a dynamic startup with fresh ideas and an abundance of ambition. Now you have an important hurdle to clear as you move to a new level. You need to get your message out there. You have a story that is worth sharing. We have the expertise to to shine a light on your company’s offerings and sparkle a meaningful conversation with your stakeholders.

We are a small team of social media marketing and media relations experts. We look forward to helping you as you set out to:
• Define your story,
• Bring it to light,
• Get market feedback,
• Improve your conversion rates,
• Sell more,
• Grow faster.

Flashlight PR will not only attract attention to your company but also, will help you find your way to developing a better product to satisfy market demand.

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The public relations industry has changed dramatically in the last ten years. Digital news happens with the speed of real time and the traditional news outlets have been left scrambling to play catch up. More than 90% of journalists check out social media in order to find story ideas. The pace of social media has altered people’s attentions spans. Today your customers want to have short, visual information instead of the old-school ads or boring articles.

The media landscape has been disrupted by citizen journalism, social platforms like Medium, Reddit and Pulse. More people get information on Facebook and Twitter than by watching TV programs or waiting for print newspapers. The new reality is that anyone can become a publisher and compete for an audience with national media outlets. Some of YouTube vloggers have larger and more engaged crowd of followers than global corporations who spend millions of dollars annually on promotion. That means that you have to be more proactive if your start-up is to compete in today’s marketplace.

We know that many growth hackers and lean entrepreneurs believe that public relations is a thing of the past and don’t see any value in paying for a PR agency services. But think about it: a recent study has shown that most startups are limited to marketing budgets of about $2,000/month. Can you hire a highly qualified employee for this kind of money?

You have a full plate running your start-up and developing new products. But in order to succeed, you need someone to let potential customers, distributors and investors know about your unique value proposition. We offer an affordable alternative to hiring an in-house PR manager by providing a team of experts you can rely on. They will bring you measurable results, honest communications and openness to the changes every startup goes through in order to grow.

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